Oral Care Water Jet

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Easy to install at sinks

Easy to use -- snap on/off in one second

Easy to adjust for temperature & pressure

Easy to carry on travel

Safe to use with water pressure


This oral irrigator uses a penetrating water jet to clean the spaces between your teeth and to reach hard to clean areas that conventional toothbrushes may struggle to reach.It will also massage the gums.Regular irrigation will assist in the prevention of gum disease and improve your dental and oral hygiene.Always use the irrigator after brushing your teeth.Please read the use instructions carefully before the first use.

Model:Hand press the teeth

Color: white/blue

Capacity: 40 ml 

Package Size: 22cm*4.5cm*2.8cm

Note: When using electrical products, especially when children are present,the basic safety precautions below should always be followed. 

Package List: 


1*Water flosser jets